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Message from Victor Advanced media co., Ltd.
-The joint venture company of TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD..
and JVCKENWOOD Corporation.

Our History

Our two parent companies, both connected with recording media - JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVC) and TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. (Taiyo Yuden) - were seeking to develop a new business model.

From the outset, as the original manufacturer of VHS video recorders, JVC believed its mission as a recording media manufacturer was to enhance consumer enjoyment and excitement by supplying high-quality videotape. Ever since, it has continually led the media industry with innovative new products that answer diverse customer needs. Being a supplier of first-rate audiovisual recording media in possession of an intimate knowledge of the hardware, JVC has consistently focused on developing products to suit a broad range of consumer applications, all the time keeping pace with the evolution of recording media from analog to digital and from tape to disc.

Taiyo Yuden is the inventor/manufacturer of CD-R discs which has won an excellent reputation among customers for the very high quality and reliability of its products, including DVD-R media. It is also the company responsible for developing the world's first inkjet "Printable™" optical media, an innovation that has expanded the ways in which discs are used. Drawing on the world-leading device technologies that form the core of its business, Taiyo Yuden is firmly committed to offering "Made in Japan" quality to buyers of its recording media products. Moreover, by aggressively promoting user-friendly qualities and practical value, the company has succeeded in attracting an enthusiastic following among both professional and consumer users.

Our Present

In October 2008, JVC and Taiyo Yuden embarked on a new joint venture. - Our company is also one of the few in the industry that is completely vertically integrated, extending from development to sales.

In combining the exceptional "DNA" (technological assets) of both parent companies, we can provide enhanced enjoyment, excitement and satisfaction to more consumers through our high-quality media products, marketed under the JVC brand that enjoys world-wide popularity. Of primary importance are quality products that the customer can trust in. Next we focus on suggesting the best ways in which these products can be enjoyed. Our technological core extends from devices to hardware, allowing us to create well-designed products that offer real value. We put great worth on feedback from our customers, and we are firmly committed to the task of offering them new ways in which to enhance their lifestyles.

Our Future

We will continue our media business activities with redoubled energy, determined to maintain our unceasing efforts aimed at achieving further growth in the future.

The advantage we gain from conducting development in-house is that this allows us to create new and original products in a timely manner. By offering new value and convenience, we can ensure that our customers will enjoy exciting, satisfying products.

We will look back on what has been achieved, reappraising our skills and strengths, and drawing on all our expertise to discover how best to make use of those strengths in the years ahead. By transforming the benefits of this joint venture into tangible results we will provide even more exciting products and greater customer satisfaction. For that is our mission. And we will prove ourselves worthy of your highest expectations.